The path of the horse

Deze bijzondere (Engelstalige) dvd is van de hand van Stormy May, een vrouw die na een lange (traditionele) paardencarrière op zoek ging naar een andere manier van omgaan met paarden.
Tijdens deze zoektocht bezocht ze verschillende paardentrainers over de hele wereld. Stuk voor stuk bijzondere mensen en heel bijzondere trainers!

This inspirational documentary explores the future of horse-human relationships and ultimately all human relationships. As our culture evolves from domination over nature into a partnership, we see this change being reflected in the work that people are doing with horses.

2009-12/poth_dvd_stormy_may_copy1.jpgThis is a story of visionaries, of men and women who have made it their life's work to develop and reveal their innermost thoughts and feelings through achievement of a synergistic balance with the horse's own elegant naturalness. Horses have a gift to share; teaching us how to develop community, leadership, trust, and love within our own families through a connection that goes beyond words.

The Path of the Horse takes an honest look at what we're doing with horses today and asks, "Is this the world we want to create?"

Helaas is deze DVD UITVERKOCHT.

verkoopprijs: € 29,95